Compassionate teacher fell in love with a homeless man and changed his life


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In the English town of Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, a woman fell in love with a homeless man and helped him “stand up”. This publication reports The Mirror.

38-year-old teacher Katie Nicole (Katie Nicol) recalls passing by Gardner, John (Gardener Jon) and decided to talk with him. “I sat down beside him and asked: “What’s your story?” Since this all started,” she explained. Homeless Nicole seemed good-natured and intelligent man, and she began to come to him every day.

Soon the British started to leave in his shoes love messages, and in response to receiving of the poem. “He said he wants to change his life. We decided that we will realize all the plans together,” says Nicole. John admitted that he had spent 2.5 years in prison for assaulting a man who cheated on his ex-girlfriend. The British lived on the street for a year and a half and suffered from drug addiction.

After two months of communication, Nicole has invited John to his home so that he could take a shower and freshen up. She gave him a haircut and were treated to grilled chicken. A month later they started Dating, their relationship lasted for eight months. During this time, the woman had an unemployed Briton who helped him to become a gardener.

Nicole organized the young man meeting with his father, whom he had not seen for 25 years. John says she is incredibly grateful to the British for everything she did for him. “I dreamed about this in my dreams, when sleeping on the beach. I was sure that I would not live on the street for the rest of my days. Thank you Cathy for making my dreams come true”, he concluded.

In 2018, it was reported that six-year-old girl spent Christmas on the streets of Glasgow, handing out gifts to the homeless. Tartan was coming back from the cinema and saw a sleeping man. The next day, she asked grandpa to help her to pack the bags for the homeless. Grandma made soup, and other family members made sandwiches. In addition, the gifts put chips, candy, socks, cigarettes, and envelopes with 20 pounds.

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