In Russia called “the main threat” the Crimean bridge from the Ukraine


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

The major surface threat to the Crimean bridge can represent two frigates of the Oliver Hazard Perry project, which the United States suggested to Ukraine, says “Star”.

“Each ship carries as part of the regular armament one launcher Mk 13 36 missiles SM-1, 4 missile RGM-84 Harpoon, one gun mount the OTO Melara 76 mm caliber, 2 three-pipe torpedo tubes Mark 32 ASW 6 torpedoes and one 20-millimeter anti-aircraft Phalanx CIWS,” writes the weekly.

As the newspaper notes, “it is hoped that the Ukrainian military will have enough wisdom not to unleash a real war”, “the application of frigates will mean the beginning of large-scale hostilities with the possibility of asymmetric response, as it will be the military aggression against Russia.”

The weekly recalls that the Crimean bridge protection from ramming warships, and from possible missile attack.

In may “the Star” reported that American carriers can get into the Black sea via Turkey, the construction of the canal Istanbul.

In October 2018, “Ukrainian miltary portal” reported, citing its own sources that the United States has offered Ukraine with military assistance including the supply of two frigates of the Oliver Hazard Perry.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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