In Russia produced a huge emerald



At the Kirov mine in the Sverdlovsk region discovered emerald weighing 1.6 pounds, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the administration of the region.

“This is the largest discovery in the last almost 30 years emerald weighing more than two kilograms was discovered in 1990 and since then the biggest — 1540 grams — was a stone found in 2018”, — stated in the message.

Mariinsky mine — the only mine emeralds, which annually produce about 150 kilograms of precious stones.

It belongs to the state Corporation “rostec” and operated by “the Mariinsky mine”. Her head Evgeny Vasilevsky said that the stone “came to us almost intact: the edge of smooth, outlined mica jacket”.

Last time unique emerald was found in the Kirov mine in 2015. He weighed a little more than one kilogram and is called “Governor”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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