Named the most common mistakes in the clothing of men and women


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Named the most common mistakes in the selection of clothing for men and women. It is reported by The Sun.

Among the errors of men — too short pants, not remote from his coat sleeve factory label and not orporate protective stitches on the slot of a cloak or coat. Also men are not recommended to unbutton his shirt to see chest hair.

Women are advised not to wear the long cardigan under short jacket, and embossed lace lingerie under a slinky skirt made of thin fabric. Inappropriate considered a dark bra under a light top and tights worn under sandals.

Earlier it was reported that for a successful interview it is recommended to choose clothes of black color. In the survey on this topic was attended by 1.5 thousand people. 43 percent of respondents believe that they were hired because they put on an interview with a black thing. Also they are considered suitable for business meetings. 27 percent of men on a first date, proved successful, dressed in black, and for women “color of success” has become red.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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