Poroshenko will be the sponsor of radicals


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti

The former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will be the sponsor of the Radical party, Oleg Lyashko. Reports about it “Strenia”.

The sources surrounded by Lyashko reported that this is due to poor electoral prospects of the party. In addition, her sponsor refused oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. In addition, the party left the member of political Council Igor Mosiychuk.

It is reported that Lyashko went into opposition to the incumbent President Vladimir Zelensky in the interests of Poroshenko. Behind him is a guaranteed financial investment in the party.

Earlier on may 22, Lyashko announced the transition of fraction of Radical party in opposition to President Vladimir Zelensky. In his opinion, the initiative of the leader of the country on changes in the electoral legislation venture, which pursues the seizure of power. Lyashko said that Zelensky offers to lead the corruption, and to conserve and manage it.

May 20, Lyashko made a skirmish with Zelensky during his inaugural speech. The incident occurred at a time when, speaking about the situation in the Donbass, Zelensky switched to Russian language. The leader of the Radical party interrupted the President, shouting that present in the Verkhovna Rada the deputies to understand the Ukrainian language.

According to preliminary data of monitoring of the electoral moods of Ukrainians, published by the group “Rating”, “Radical party” Lyashko is ready to support 3.3 percent of the voters. To get into Parliament political force necessary to gain more than five percent of the votes.

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