Romanians steal the spirits for money for the funeral and remained at large


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In the UK reduced the sentence to Romanian thieves who don’t have enough money for the funeral. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Thieves caught because of their own mistakes. They covered their faces when driving by the police, and thus attracted their attention. Check the car numbers on the insurance database only heightened suspicions. She was not insured and her owner lives in another city, which is necessary to get about two hours.

After a short pursuit the car was stopped for inspection. Inside were three men and two women who moved to the UK from Romania, but never learned to speak English. One of them in April, was tried for petty shoplifting, other previously sentenced to 18 months probation.

In the trunk they found 17 bottles of perfume Christian Dior, stolen from stores Debenhams and House of Fraser in Gloucester. The total value of stolen is estimated at two thousand pounds sterling (about 160 thousand). The investigators found that during the burglary near the scene saw a car of the same brand. At trial, the thieves pleaded guilty.

The defendants argued that the stolen perfume, because they lacked the funds for the funeral of a relative. Some of them have recently lost their job and desperately needed money. According to the lawyer, the Romanian funerals continued for several days and cost the family of the deceased in thousands of pounds.

The judge took this into account and did not punish thieves harshly. Within four months, they will not be able to appear on the street at night. The ban is in effect from eight o’clock in the evening until four in the morning. In addition, they will have to pay compensation to shops: 200 pounds (about 16 thousand rubles) for Debenhams and 100 pounds (about eight thousand) for House of Fraser.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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