The bride found a way to “keep clean” the hem of the dress at the wedding and was laughed at


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Facebook

Facebook users ridiculed the unknown bride dress with dipped hem in black. It drew attention to the publication the Sun.

Visit Facebook Marketplace where you can sell and buy goods of other participants, there was a white wedding dress, the color of the hem of which gradually becomes black.

One of podeschi group shared discovery within the community, which publishes strange wedding outfits. “I am equally impressed with the Ombre color and its ability advance to think about how to avoid stains on the skirt during the ceremony in the coal mine,” he left a sarcastic comment anonymous author of the post.

Other of the wearer’s social networks also felt that the dress colors such seems dirty. “Looks like she just dragged the dress through the mud,” agreed one of them. “It’s just dirty,” added another. “It looks like the oil spill,” joked a third.

Earlier in may, an anonymous resident of Germany angered guest that appeared at the wedding of her friend in the inappropriately short dress. The woman also shared her outrage to Facebook: on attached to the post 11 photos of the girls posing on the street after the official ceremony. Among them — the same guest in a short black dress with sheer ruffles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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