The British field found ancient military artifact


www.vsyako.netPhoto: University of Leicester Archaeological Services

Archaeologists have found the broken ancient shield made from the bark of the tree age more than two thousand years. This publication reports Live Science.

The artifact was discovered on farmland near the town of Enderby in the UK. It belongs to the iron age and dated 395-255 years BC. For its production could be used such woody plants as alder, willow, poplar, hazel or spindle, as well as Apple, pear, quince or hawthorn.

The results of the radiocarbon Dating showed that the shield was used for about 10 years before they threw him out. Researchers are trying to figure out whether he was destroyed by spears during the battle, or damaged in another way. Despite the fact that the crust is not as durable as wood, boards from it can be strong enough to protect from swords and arrows.

Earlier in may it was reported that American scientists from Louisiana state University discovered a unique artifact of the ancient Maya, made of semi-precious mineral jadeite. It was used as a tool for the extraction of salt.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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