The doctor showed the frightening consequences from swallowed batteries


www.vsyako.netPhoto: CPR Kids

In Australia, the founder of an organization specialized in first aid children have demonstrated what happens to the child that if he swallowed button battery. On pictures drew the attention of the newspaper the Daily Mail.

Sarah Hansted (Sarah Hunstead) shared photos of chicken, hard-boiled foreign body in your organization CPR Kids on Facebook. The woman decided to conduct an experiment to show how dangerous button batteries that children often swallow.

The images show that the foreign body may cause serious damage to the child’s body. Hansted have shown that even half an hour later the battery was badly damaged chicken, and after four hours the burns became more pronounced. She urged to carefully hide miniature batteries away from children.

Users were alarmed and surprised by the fact that toy manufacturers still use such a dangerous power source.

In Australia the statistics of such cases is high: in the emergency Department bring in an average of four children swallowing button batteries in a week. According to Hasted, it is important to consult the doctors to avoid serious consequences.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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