The doctors talked about the most terrible cases with patients


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Working in hospitals doctors and nurses told of frightening cases that they had been approached by patients. Doctors have shared stories with BuzzFeed, collected monologues in continuation of the corresponding popular thread on Reddit.

With the most ridiculous problems of the patients, the healthcare industry has faced, when he worked in the ambulance. One of them remembered how in the hospital he had been a man with a jar of mayonnaise stuck in his rectum. He said that he went to such a step “in the bet”. To extract a foreign object from the body the doctor had to stick to Bank the cord.

About these people’s desire to insert objects into themselves wrote other doctors in the discussion. So, on reception to the radiologist brought a man who was sticking the screwdriver itself in the urethra. The man explained that he could not go to the toilet and “tried to fix it”.

That other nurse was a similar story, but with the participation of the patient. The woman complained of pain in the vagina. During the examination the doctors discovered inside the female sexual organ of cockroaches.

Another doctor told me about a woman who was admitted to the hospital with leg pain. On the bad foot was in plaster, which for some unknown reason she did not take off more than a year. When doctors removed the cast, under it revealed rising above the bone and the wound with maggots.

The dentist said that sometimes it helps the ambulance in case of serious injury associated with the oral cavity. Once he was asked to help a patient who suffered from a chainsaw. When operating the saw bounced in his face. However, the dentist noted that, despite the serious damage to the skin, the tool is stopped on the bone and did not go further. The doctor explained that the damage could be significantly greater if not for the coincidence.

Earlier, the anesthesiologists talked about the most ridiculous phrases that they have heard from the patients that are under anesthesia.

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