The network has named the main signs of a toxic friendship


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Netizens shared their thoughts on what steps other indicate that relationships with him cannot be called true friendship. They talked about it in the thread on Reddit, which gained about 35 thousand likes.

Most drew attention to the fact that most often a bad friend is making little effort to ensure that the communication between him and the other person was an equal. “They don’t think your achieving something important. And if they did something minor, you still think that the incredibly good” — gave an example of a user wild0ats.

User moss-fete wrote that in a healthy relationship nobody should feel slighted. “If you feel that you constantly have to give up a part of your personality for the sake of communicating with someone and spend time with them on their terms, this is wrong,” he reasoned.

In addition, if a friend tends so often to be offended that the other person starts to fear, the latter is to wonder whether he really needs a buddy. This was mentioned by several users, and user IaniteThePirate added that a bad friend always tries to present itself as a victim. “Always insulting you, while insisting that it is a joke, and if you meet him, offended” — he wrote.

Some commentators also noted that the behavior of a good friend with you alone will not be much different from how he behaves when you are in the company. “He begins to treat you disrespectfully, and in front of a new friend is trying to seem cool” — described by one of the users an example of a bad friend.

According to its users, should pay attention to how each values the time spend with you. “When you wrote to him, he does not respond, and when you spend time together, he is all the time in the phone,” writes a Present Put about another sign of an unhealthy relationship. LivLoft concluded that to identify a bad friendship is quite simple: after talking with the wrong people you will feel worse than before communicating with them.

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