Fastidious men forced fat women to lose weight 30 pounds


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jen Wood

A resident of the English town of Oldham, greater Manchester, lost eight clothing sizes after a series of unsuccessful online Dating. Her story was told tabloid the Daily Star.

Jen wood (Jen Wood) started to gain weight when took first job the office administrator. “I had Breakfast twice a day. At lunchtime, I ate cakes, pasta and other high-calorie meals,” — says the Briton. According to her, the kilos deprived her of self-confidence.

Lonely girl trying to find love on Dating sites, but every time I failed. “Men wrote: “you Have an attractive face, but you’re not nice to me” or “You’re sweet, but not to my taste”,” says wood. The last straw was a shopping trip after a breakup with a young man. The Briton, weighing 118 pounds, tried on clothes but nothing fits her.

“I felt awful. I took a picture where I’m standing in the fitting room with red eyes from crying. Never want to relive those emotions again,” she explains. Then wood joined the community on weight loss. She began to run two or three times a week, changed her diet and dropped 30 pounds.

The woman claims that stopped chasing numbers on the scale, and began to listen to myself. According to her, she had more energy and vitality. Wood looked at Dating sites and wonder the reaction of the men. “They became another way for me to watch. Now I’m not fat brunette with low self-esteem, slender and beautiful blonde,” concluded the Briton.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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