Flying from Moscow passengers were punished for smuggling five thousand leeches


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Rolf Vennenbernd / DPA /

Resident of Canada Hippolyte Bodunova ordered to pay a fine of 15 thousand canadian dollars (about 725 000) for attempting to export from Moscow to Toronto 4788 leeches. About it reports The Independent.

The incident happened on October 17 last year, but the court ruled just now. Bodunov, residing in the city of Niagara falls, Ontario, was arrested at the Toronto airport after his dog during the search found leeches in his bag.

The animals were confiscated and sent for examination, which experts have established that the worms belong to the rare species of Hirudo Verbana, on the verge of extinction. Leeches of this species are used in medicine. For further research 240 leeches sent to new York, where experts revealed that the animals were caught in the wild.

Bodunov admitted his guilt. In addition to the fine he was also banned the import, export and possession of animals of the canadian list of exotic and endangered animals for a year.

In January the Taiwanese guards have exposed a smuggler who tried to smuggle into the country 24 mouse-gerbil. 60-year-old woman stopped at a checkpoint after returning from China. The attention of customs officers drew her lush skirt and a strange gait.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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