In St. Petersburg closed “Abideby”


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In St. Petersburg closed the sushi bar, the name of which in Japanese translates as “day of the week is Saturday”. On Wednesday, may 29, according to city Department of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS).

We are talking about the institution “Abideby” in 2016, complained the residents of Krasnoyarsk.

The complaint against the sign sushi bar in St. Petersburg has also written the townspeople. The owner — OOO “Success”. Director of the company expressed regret that the name of the bar was reading a small children. “That’s why we removed the sign and continue to not hosted. Also because of immoral names we sold the business,” she added. The head of “Success” apologized to the residents of the house, which was a sushi bar, and passers-by who saw his name.

In 2016, the FAS Council on ethics decided that the name “Abideby” does not violate the advertising law.

In may 2019 Chelyabinsk UFAS has refused to register a case against the local cafes Street Food because of advertising under the slogan: “Suck all you want” and “Take it in your mouth “penny”in”.

Before that, in April, the antitrust agencies of the Sverdlovsk region initiated a case against the regional Builder “Corporation “atomstroykompleks”” because of the advertising slogan “Everything will be ohrenitelno!”, explaining that the law prohibits the use in advertising of obscene language.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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