Medina urged to privatize the Russian building-monuments


www.vsyako.netVladimir Medinstituta: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The head of the Russian Ministry of culture Vladimir Medinsky made a statement that the country needs to intensify the privatisation of buildings-monuments of culture for further preservation. About it reports “Interfax”.

“Where public money is not enough — it is necessary to involve private traders, be it restaurants, hotels, private homes, estates,” said the Minister.

To simplify the process, the head of the Ministry of culture has proposed to reduce the requirements for modifications of the facades and layouts of such buildings. “There’s a complex intricate, historically, the legislation, if to follow each letter of the requirements, not suitable to any monument investors ever,” said Medina.

The Minister urged to reduce the security requirements to such buildings, indicating redundancy. “Any monument eligible for protection, namely those that cannot be changed, is all façade, the planning solution… If we all adhere to, in fact it is impossible to make anything except the Museum,” — said the Minister.

“It is hard to see what else we need to do to include the monuments in the economic turnover, make an attractive privatization,” added Medina.

In Moscow since 2012 has a program of preferential rent houses “One ruble per one square meter a year,” in which investors commit to private funds obtained to restore the building. The participants of the real estate market has repeatedly spoken about the fact that the costs of restoration of buildings-monuments carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations and make participation in the programme commercially unviable.

Similar programs operate in the United States and Europe, especially actively involves the restoration of historic real estate Italy. Only in 2019 on the sale of old buildings for the price of one Euro was announced by the authorities of the Italian city of Sambuca di Sicilia, Mussomeli.

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