Named the city of Russia with the most cramped apartments


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In major Russian cities reduced the area of apartments in construction projects because of rising cost of housing. This is stated in the study “Craigslist real Estate” (“”).

Developers working in 23 major Russian cities, cutting plan to avoid the increased cost of apartments in your LCD, note the “Avito”. “The average size [for sale] house is more than 60 square meters only in the two capitals: in Moscow it is of 65.6, and in St. Petersburg — 61,3 meters,” the study says.

More likely, according to statistics, the company reduced the area of one-bedroom apartments and studios. The footage of housing with three or more rooms remained unchanged, and in some cities is even increasing.

“For potential customers studios the price is more important than for customers purchasing larger apartments. Amid the rising cost of real estate they are trying to save money by reducing the square, while more solvent buyers, and if you are interested in savings, primarily due to changes in location and other parameters of housing”, explains the managing Director of trend “Craigslist real Estate” Ivan Dubrovin.

In may 2019, the average area of offered for sale amounted to 55.2 square meters. The minimum rate is 50.7 per square meter was recorded in Izhevsk.

In Rostov-on-don, Omsk and Ufa footage was also significantly less than in Russia on average: 53,1 meters of 53.6 and 53.7 per “square” respectively.

Earlier analysts “World Apartments” analyzed the Russian market of apartments a minimum of space. According to their statistics, most compact range has become a 12-meter apartment in Kazan, second place went to the apartment with an area of 12.5 meters in the Novosibirsk region. Took third place in the apartment with an area of 12.7 “square” from the city of Miass, Chelyabinsk region. Analysts pointed out that in every major Russian city you can find the supply of housing with an area less than 15 square meters.

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