Named the main threat to the United States


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Connection Huawei with the Chinese government is a major threat to the United States. This was stated by us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in an interview with Fox News channel.

“Huawei is a tool of the Chinese government, they are deeply connected. Ordinary Americans find it hard to understand”, — said the head of the state Department. He said that U.S. companies cooperate with the government, but it is reflected in the fact that they comply with the laws. “Presidents never manage private companies in the United States. In China — is another matter. There they simply operate by different rules is a very important thing you need to understand,” said Pompeo.

Huawei was included in the list of companies, which prohibited cooperation with U.S. residents without a license from the authorities. This was the result of a decree declaring a national state of emergency due to threats of information technology, signed by President Donald trump. The government of the United States to have repeatedly accused Huawei in collecting personal data of users and transfer them to the Chinese authorities.

First about the termination of cooperation with Huawei has announced Google and American chip manufacturers for processors, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom. On newer devices the Chinese company it will not be their software and components. However, several European companies expressed support for Huawei, because they do not have a direct connection with the United States and are not required to submit to their governing bodies.

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