Radicals stormed the city hall of Lviv


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Representatives of the Ukrainian nationalist organizations “Freedom” and “Nazarus” broke down the door to the city hall of Lviv and stormed inside. It is reported portal Zahid.net.

“The protesters left the management of the Affairs of the Executive Committee March litvinyuk, Director of legal Department Elena Pankevich and Director of “Administration mayor” Eugene Boyko. Constructive conversation did not happen” — write on the official website of the Lviv city Council.

Refusing to listen to the officials, the protesters broke down doors and stormed inside. The press service of the Council does not specify what the requirements put forward by the participants.

The Chairman of the Lviv public organization “Rabv to heaven not puskayut” Ivan Spinski said that the protesters were out “captured, whether the mayor and whether the city Council to operate as usual”. According to him, the opinion they formed because “the city has no programs other than financial assistance to veterans of ATO.”

On the official website of the Lviv branch of the “Nazarus” in Facebook it is reported that the city is a perpetual protest against kleptocracy “Andrew’s Garden”.

Earlier, Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy said that the city authorities intend to allocate 400 million (almost a billion) on social benefits to participants of combat actions in Donbas.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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