Russians compared to Europeans and Americans


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

Russian workers and businessmen can prove himself not worse than foreigners, if you find yourself in a competitive environment with proper regulation by the state, said in an interview with The Bell former head of the Russian branch of investment Bank Morgan Stanley Wright Simonyan.

“Morgan Stanley and then in the UBS [Swiss financial holding company] I am convinced that our people are fully competitive at the international level. If they are put in clear rules of the game, they show themselves”, — said Simonyan.

According to him, Russian companies often differ from the international opaque principles of recruitment, promotion and assignment of wages: “In the international system, the principle of meritocracy when your career and your pay is determined by what a person does, not those who are driven by dad, mom.” In such circumstances, Russian managers are able to show their best qualities and to compete with foreign counterparts.

A similar situation exists in business, says Simonyan. “It boils down to a favorable environment or not. Here is not very favourable, but it is not deadly” — he said. To remedy the situation should “provide economic freedom in comprehensible rules of the game”. “But until then, no growth drivers and motivation to do something. All comes from within, not because the government says “go over there and create there” will give an apartment, a car,” said a former banker.

“Foreign banks and companies have always been incubators for the production of people with high competence, a completely different work culture and embeddedness in the global system. And it is also, unfortunately, go away,” concluded Simonyan.

The Russian division of Morgan Stanley, which he headed for 14 years since it opened in 1994, will close in January next year. Previously, the Bank’s management announced the reduction of the branch, but not eliminate it entirely.

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