Thieves crowned friend and reminded dissenters of sins


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Five thieves have stated that repeatedly judged Kvinikhidze Besik (Beso Rustavi) should be considered the same as they are, a lawyer. According to “Rosbalt”, the messages and phone calls with this request was addressed in the correctional colony in the Saratov region — in this region the Rustavi serving a sentence.

According to the Agency, the Mahar Gvaramia (Mazic), Nico Dgebuadze (nick Gagra) and others have been asked to convey to prisoners that Beso is a thief in law. Disagree with this they are urged to contact them or Nadir Salifov (Lotto Guli) is a very reliable protection of Rustavi.

The main enemy is the criminal Kvinikhidze General Elguja, Turkije, in order that thieves powers Beso was previously suspended. When an influential relative Beso — Shalva Osmanov (Kusa) — decided to crown him, Guga began to form a coalition, the lawyers objected to this.

To help the Rustavi came the Nadir of Salifou. A few days ago, his clan was brought to Guji its position on this issue. It lies in the fact that the actions of Turkadze violate the decision of the gathering in Yerevan, according to which the members of the “family” should not remain without a title during his release, as their weakening in the colonies to only the Federal service of execution of punishments. In addition, Huge reminded that many of the thieves in law, including he himself, can find some “sins”.

As a result, no single call in the IR Saratov region over the improper awarding of Beso the Rustavi title of lawyer is not received.

Besik Kvinikhidze is serving a fourth term — in part 2, paragraph “a”, “b” of article 161 of the criminal code (“Robbery”). He had previously been twice convicted under article 158 (“Theft”) and once under part 2 of article 222 of the criminal code (“Illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or bearing of firearms, its basic parts, ammunition and explosives”). Became a thief in law in 2013. But a year later was stripped of the title because before the coronation silent about some facts of his biography, thus deceiving other lawyers.

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