TV presenter again refused to apologize for an interview about sex and large Breasts


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British TV presenter Michael Parkinson (Michael Parkinson) said that he sees nothing reprehensible in an interview in 1975 with actress Helen Mirren, where he drew attention to her “depraved eroticism”. His words leads to The Sun.

During a call, Parkinson drew attention to the forms Mirren and introduced her as a sex symbol. In addition, he asked her provocative questions about her appearance. Later, the journalist admitted that he felt embarrassed actress.

Parkinson admitted it was sexist: “Well, maybe. But nobody got hurt, nobody died,” he said.

The presenter later added that just did a spectacular show. “She said what she had to say, I said what I had to say, and that’s all,” said the journalist, explaining that it was just “good TV”.

Despite the fact that Mirren later recalled the meeting as “extremely creepy,” the journalist confirmed that he did not feel the need to apologize for their actions.

Earlier, the comedian and commentator Joe Rogan (Joe Rogan) became the object of criticism due to sexism. The audience noticed that for the first 10 months of the more than 160 guests to his podcast, only 14 were women.

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