Who wrote a book about the persecution of gays, the writer has distorted history


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American writer Naomi wolf, known as the author of the books “the beauty Myth: Stereotypes against women” and “Vagina: a New history of women’s sexuality,” wrote a new work dedicated to the persecution of sexual minorities in the UK in the nineteenth century, but made a gross factual error. She learned about it on air of radio station “bi-Bi-si”.

In the new work wolf was considered during the reign of the British Queen Victoria (1837-1876). According to the writer, at this time, with gays treated worse than in the middle Ages. She came to this conclusion after reviewing the archival documents of the London criminal court, among which the wolf found a large number of sentences marked for death recorded, which literally translates to Russian as the language of “death recorded”.

The woman said that the death penalty was waiting for not only pedophiles and rapists, but men who engaged in same-sex consensual sex. However, historian and writer Matthew Sweet has denied claims Wolfe. According to him, the legal term “recorded death” appeared in 1823 and was that sentenced to death has a large chance to avoid it. The scientist cited the example of a teenager who was killed due to rape charges, but after two years released.

Despite the mistake, wolf said that he does not consider his new book discredited. “Persecution: Sex, censorship and the criminalization of love” will go on sale July 18.

Earlier in the eve of Victory Day, the writer Elena Chizhova said that Joseph Stalin helped Adolf Hitler to carry out the plan for the siege of Leningrad during the great Patriotic war.

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