Became known details of the voting in the Parliament against the dismissal Groisman


www.vsyako.netVladimir Greymantle: RIA Novosti

Resignation of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman voted seven members of his party “Block of Petro Poroshenko”. Despite the fact that the party of the Prime Minister is the majority party, against his dismissal voted only 27 people from the BPP. This follows from published on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada list of names who took part in the vote.

In addition to members of the Groisman, a decree on his resignation was also supported by two deputies from the party “national front”, 31 MP, 19 deputies of the Opposition bloc, 12 deputies from the party “unity of “Self-help””, 14 — from the Radical party of Oleh Lyashko, nine of the “Fatherland”, and three deputies from the party “Revival”.

The only parliamentary faction, whose members did not vote for the resignation Groisman, became Deputy group “people’s Will”. In its composition are 18 MPs, some of whom were formerly in the Party of regions.

The Parliament failed to adopt the decision to resign, and his government, because the decision was supported by only 97 deputies with the required minimum of 226 votes. At the same time against his dismissal voted by an even smaller number of MPs — 63.

Taking into consideration abstentions, 50 deputies in the vote was attended by 210 MPs — less than half of the total Parliament. 87 deputies did not participate in the vote. In addition, 126 people were missing at the meeting.

Groisman already thanked the MPs for this result and encouraged them in the future, “heart rate” so that the citizens felt their responsibility to the country.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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