Kovalchuk explained dinner with up to 160 glasses of beer during world Cup


www.vsyako.netFrame: Sport-Express / YouTube

The captain of the national team of Russia on hockey Ilya Kovalchuk in an interview with YouTube channel of the newspaper “Sport-Express” said about the team dinner during the world Cup.

According to the player, after defeating the Czech team may 13 (3:0) Russian hockey players went to a restaurant. “We sat, drank beer, ate sushi and talked. At 22:30 we were at the hotel. What’s the problem?” — it asked a question.

Kovalchuk said after the match can afford to drink three or four mugs of beer. However, he expressed distrust of information that the team ordered 160 liters of beer. “I could write that and 280. There were people who never drank. Maybe someone had one,” said the striker.

May 14 Slovak edition sport24.pluska.sk posted a video team dinner team Russia after match of group tournament with the Czech Republic. The article notes that the first players ordered some sushi, and then drank about 160 glasses of beer.

On the world championship team Russia won the bronze medal. In the match for third place team beat the Czechs in the shootout. The winner of the tournament was the team of Finland.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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