Named the best city for lodging the parent capital


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Analysts Domofond made a rating of cities, whose residents will be able to cover the cost of the mortgage with the parent capital. Relevant materials were provided to the editors “” on Thursday, may 30.

A study conducted in 76 cities of Russia, showed that buying with the help of the parent capital housing in new buildings it is most advantageous in Magnitogorsk, Kurgan and Saratov. After making the grant as a first installment on the mortgage to buy the average apartment building in a city the locals will be left unused 283,8, 278 and 249,5 thousand rubles, respectively.

The secondary housing is most advantageous to buy appeared in Magnitogorsk, Nizhny Tagil and Kurgan. The balance of the prisoner, used as a 15% Deposit on mortgage in these cities will be, respectively, 290, 276,7 and 271 thousand rubles.

The last lines of the rating took Moscow, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Sochi. To use the maternity capital as the first payment on the mortgage, local residents will have to pay from 162 to 834 thousand rubles.

Maternity capital is issued in Russia since 2007, as a measure of financial support for the families who are born or is adopted a second child. The amount of the payment at the time of publication amounts to 453 thousand rubles.

On may 29, the Public chamber Commission on the support of family, motherhood and childhood proposed to introduce in addition to serving the maternity capital programme and “father’s capital”. The subsidy is proposed to give the birth family a third child, but only if three children are born and brought up in a family, and their parents are officially married.

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