Parents listed the reasons for child abandonment



Reddit users listed the actions of their children, after which they regretted, that gave birth to them. They talked about it in the appropriate thread, which has garnered over four thousand comments.

Many complained that their child for no apparent reason stabbed a stranger or the parents themselves. “I talked to an old man, and my five year old son stood next to us and listened patiently. Suddenly, he with all his strength hit the man in the groin, and he fell from the pain. My son was not able to explain why he did it” — shared the story Xstevemo. Four-year-old son of another user slammed his fist on the Cup of coffee that a user was drinking and almost knocked his tooth out.

It turned out that the baby can be a significant unexpected financial loss. MudBatta forgot that he had left his wallet in his pants in the bathroom, and the children washed lying in it 400 dollars in the toilet (about 26 thousand rubles). The girl under the nickname Thisisyurmum complained that the children were watching a movie in the basement, which at the same time flooded water. They saw it, but decided to tell her parents about the incident only after two hours.

Wearer Wendster68 admitted that he once got from his son in a very awkward situation. “He started a tantrum when we were in the store. I tried to calm him down, and he cried out, “Depart from me, you’re not my mother!”” she said. It happens that the child goes to the animals. “My kids got peanut butter our dog. Have you ever tried to catch grease-covered Chihuahua?” — asked user question Ibrakeforsquirells.

Daughter Dce42 one very frightened mother came to her in the morning in bed with a knife. The girl so wanted to Wake a woman who awoke to the fact that her child is holding a knife about her head and chuckles ominously.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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