The bride wanted a wedding without gays and forced the groom to doubt


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A Reddit user asked to assess if he’s right, if you are going to cancel the wedding, if the bride will not give up their prejudices about homosexuals during an event. The bride refused to call in the event of his son.

According to the man, he raised the child alone. He currently goes to College and works in the gym, which is owned by the father. The man supported the boy when he admitted his homosexuality, and established friendly relations with his boyfriend.

“With his bride sign for about two years, and Yes, she comes from a very religious and conservative family, but she had no problems with my son. At least, like she didn’t tell me”, he explained.

The user stressed that only by the time of the wedding, the girl stated bluntly that he does not want to see her boyfriend’s son at the ceremony, and her parents should not learn about gay in the family. The man was unpleasantly surprised by the requirement and refused to do it. The bride was silent and never raised the subject.

Many users supported the user noticing that he has a right to drastic measures. “You should think seriously about whether to marry her. The feelings your son is definitely more important than her feelings,” said commentator WitchWithDesignerBag. The user evercreatureteachin stressed that the man will go incorrect, if you yield to the bride. “It’s disgusting and awful that she’s not ready to accept your son and his partner in his new family, especially at the wedding”, he added.

Previously advertising poster Cathay Pacific, depicting the two holding hands of men, was never shown in the subway and the Hong Kong airport. LGBT activists were enraged by this and in response has launched a flash mob. In the framework of same-sex couples was posted in social networks your photo taken in the subway.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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