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Reddit users shared juicy stories that happened to them at work. In the special thread they answered the question of how and when they or colleagues are caught in the most obscene.

CornyHoosier said, the chief went to the pantry to take stationery. Going there, they saw the receptionist and a member of one of the departments had sex. “A few seconds we looked at each other, before my boss shut the door and left without saying a word,” said the user.

According to him, the cheater was married to an employee of the personnel Department, but his boss didn’t know about it. He told the woman what he saw. Spouse believed in the infidelity of a loved one only after and listened to the second witness. Of similar stories written by many. Thus, the user imisswholefriedclams told that also found co-workers for making love. “They were married, though not to each other”, — he said.

User ndnd_of_omicron said that while working in television she often called perverts, but one remembered her in particular. “Was the guy who called and asked us to read out the names of pornorolikov,” said the lady. According to her, a man excited female voice saying such dirty things.

Thesoccerone7 shared the story about how he and his wife conceived a daughter directly in the refrigerator of the restaurant where he worked. The choice of the place for copulation, he explained that only in this room had no cameras. “My wife and I was drunk after my shift,” added the user.

The user pm_me_a_left_nipple could not escape from the cameras. According to him, a long chat with his Secretary one evening ended with sex on his office wall. A few days later he found himself on the table, a disk with a note “I Hope it was fun” and the video of the meeting with one of the security cameras.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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