The new Russian Ambassador chose between “Belarus” and “Belarus”


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The new Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev gave an interview to TV channel “Russia 24”, which told how to call your place of work.

During the interview, the journalist asked Mezentsev put as one of the diplomatic challenges of the explanation of the Belarusian colleagues that using the place name Belarus, Russians do not want to hurt the citizens of this country, and give “a tribute to our traditions.”

Mezentsev did not respond to this request. Hearing the question, he smiled and said that the next place of work will be “the capital of the Republic of Belarus”. In addition, during the interview, Mezentsev never used the name Belarus.

Disputes about the correct name of one of the members of the Union state being the receipt of the Belarus independence. In September 1991, the country adopted a law requiring to change its name from “Byelorussian SSR” to “Republic of Belarus”, in an abridged version — Belarus. In addition, the law stipulates that the name of the country should be translated into other languages using transliteration, in accordance with the Belarusian sound.

In Russia, the name of the countries of the former USSR is determined by the signed in August 1995, the order of administration of the President of Russia “On writing of names of the States of the former Soviet republics and their capitals”. According to this document, Russia used a variant of “Belarus” and “Republic of Belarus”.

In the same order is permitted in the case of requests from these countries, when signing documents to use alternative naming. Thus, the term “Republic of Belarus” was used in official documents.

In 2014, the native of Belarus Kirill lapinsky filed in court on “the” and other Russian media for the use of the name “Belarus”. Simonovsky district court of Moscow has refused satisfaction of this claim.

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