WikiLeaks told about the poor health of Assange


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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has serious problems with health, he was transferred to the hospital wing of Belmarsh prison, according to the Twitter account of WikiLeaks.

The report said that for seven years in the Ecuadorian Embassy the WikiLeaks founder could not rely on inalienable human rights, which affected his health. Since his arrest it has been seven weeks, and during that time spent in a British prison, Assange has lost much in weight.

WikiLeaks condemned the court’s refusal to postpone the hearing, scheduled for June 3. The authors of the statement referred to the Pen of Samuelson, the lawyer of Assange, who said that he is not able to lead a normal conversation because of his poor health.

Editor in chief Christine Hrafnsson stated that the Assange case is “worst in our lifetime attack on press freedom”.

23 may it became known that the U.S. Department of justice filed against the Aussie, 17 new charges. As a result, he faces 175 years in prison. According to the espionage act of 1917, which WikiLeaks referred to as archaic, he could face the death penalty.

On 11 April British police arrested Assange in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where he had been living for almost seven years. Whistleblower asked for asylum in 2012 fearing extradition to Sweden, where he was charged with rape. In may 2017, the investigation was terminated, but Assange fears extradition to the Swedish authorities, as it believes that Stockholm will hand him to the United States.

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