A lover of strong sun accused of racism


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The beautician from the UK was accused of racism because of love too strong to sunburn. This publication reports The Sun.

Chloe Wilson (Chloe Wilson) from Newcastle complained that commentators in Instagram called her a racist. “Maybe coming back to his skin color? I understand when people are a little sunbathing, but when you turn to a person of another race,” wrote one user. “How many times do black people have to ask you to stop doing that?” — protested the other.

Wilson admitted that the accusations of racism really hurt her. The girl claims that just loves to sunbathe and go to Solarium. “Leave me alone with your accusations that I just tanned. Because of you I literally just bought a sunscreen with the maximum level of protection, because I’m afraid to sunbathe on vacation” — addressed to the members of the visagiste.

The Briton added that she was not going to hurt anyone, unlike those who attack her in the comments. “I never wanted to hurt anyone, but you are intentionally insulting me. That says more about you than about me,” concluded Wilson.

Some commentators supported the beautician and added that she has nothing to be ashamed of sunburn. Others have called it excessive tanning “modern form of blackface”.

Blackface — theatrical makeup, which in the XIX and XX centuries American comedians caricatured representatives of the Negroid race. Today, such images are considered to be a gross manifestation of racism.

In March such accusations faced student from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The girl regularly goes to the tanning salon and doing the injections of Melanotan — an illegal drug to change the color of the skin.

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