Bitcoin recognized useless


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The rapid growth rate of bitcoin for the last month diverts attention from the main thing — it is almost never used as a means of payment, writes Bloomberg.

According to the data obtained from the new York blockchain startup Chainalysis, in the first four months of 2019 were committed only 1.3 per cent of purchases of the total number of financial transactions using bitcoin.

That is, during the boom and bust of the previous two years, virtually nothing has changed. It is noted that during the peak crypto bubble at the end of 2017 on the trading activity of bitcoin accounted for only 1.5 percent.

“In the economic activity of bitcoin continues to be dominated by exchange trading. This suggests that the main usage scenario of bitcoin remains speculative,” says Kim Grauer, senior economist Chainalysis.

Earlier it was reported that the bitcoin exchange rate reached a peak in may 2018. At the peak of trading on 27 may, the price of the cryptocurrency reached the level of 8.9 thousands of dollars.

From November to December 2017 a cost of bitcoin rose from 8 thousand to $ 20 thousand, but by the end of may 2018, the rate returned to around 7.5-8 thousand dollars. In December 2018, the cryptocurrency has set the annual minimum, having fallen to the level of 3,2 thousand dollars.

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