Found forbidden planet


www.vsyako.netImage: Mark Garlick / University of Warwick

Astronomers have discovered a planet NGTS-4b type Neptune, which is located in the zone of intense radiation of the parent star, called desert hot Neptune. It is the first exoplanet of medium size among the found in this region, although initially it was believed that such objects cannot exist in these conditions. This publication reports Science Alert.

The researchers have nicknamed the object a thousand light-years from Earth, the Forbidden planet. Its size is three times the size of Earth, and the orbital period around the star reaches 1.3 per day. The passage NGTS-4b on the background of stars also causes a loss of apparent brightness by only 0.13 percent, which is the smallest among the observed indicator at the moment.

Even the type of exoplanets are hot Jupiters or super-earth located near the parent stars, deprived of the upper layers of the atmosphere. It is believed that warm Neptune, located on the periphery of “the desert”, was initially hot and lose hydrogen gas by evaporation, when the activity of the stars was the maximum. However, Forbidden planet has maintained its gaseous shell, which can be explained by the high mass of the nucleus.

Desert hot Neptune is the region on the graph showing the relationship between the radius of the planet, its distance to the star and the frequency of occurrence of such planets. The planet’s average radius are located in this chart between the supersense and large gas giants and belong to the class of Neptune. In the desert very few of them, because their atmosphere quickly evaporates, leaving a rocky core.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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