From participants “the Ural pelmeni” demanded 70 million rubles


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Former Director of the team “Ural pelmeni” Sergey Nitievskiy filed a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration court, demanding to recover loans amounting to almost 70 million rubles, which he did not return the participants of the show. About it reports TASS.

Representatives Natascha reported that in 2016 the actors of the show issued 14 loans at 4.9 million rubles, which was never returned. According to them, funds was issued by the company “idee Fixe media” through the Deputy Director Yevgeny Orlov.

“Orlov and the participants of the show signed by 14 other treaties and acts of offsets the money, for alleged use of the results of their creative labor. Which means that loans will not be returned to the company”, — said the interlocutor of the Agency.

Side Natascha noted that none of these transactions with the shareholders are not consistent, and the total amount of debt the participants before the Director is 68.8 million rubles.

Conflict in the “Ural dumplings” was made public in 2015, after the dismissal Natascha. According to the version of the new head, Sergei Isayev, his predecessor was fired for theft. According to a former Director, is “black PR” and slander.

Nitievskiy later decided to ban former colleagues to use the trademark “Ural dumplings” and filed them in court. Trademark rights is left for the actors of the show. March 23, 2018 Nitievskiy sued the creative team the right to archive transfer.

“Ural pelmeni” — a Comedy group from Yekaterinburg, which produces the show on the STS TV channel. The backbone of the project consists of the former members of the eponymous team of KVN, which was founded in 1993. Nitievskiy led the team since 1998, with the advent of the transfer on STS became a Director and producer team.

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