Manufacturers of t-shirts with the slogan on the normality of the white race considered racist


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Trade Me

The new Zealand online store Trade Me was forced to remove from sale t-shirt white with print It’s okay to be white (“being white is okay (normal)”). Reported by the Daily Mail.

On this measure the trading floor had to go because of accusations of racism. T-shirts released by the company VJM Publishing a statement that its purpose is trolling fanatics opposed to white, and the “local Communists”. After the first complaints, the representatives of the Trade Me said that will not succumb to pressure and will continue to sell the controversial item. Subsequently, however, the shirts disappeared from the site.

Representatives VJM Publishing believe that there is no racist message in their idea: to be white as properly as black or a resident of the South-East Asia. “If you’re white, wear this shirt to Troll your local Communists, and if you are black — wear it to Troll retarded white people. In any case, it’s fun!” — offered in VJM Publishing.

The head of the security Department of the company Trade Me George Hiotakis (George Hiotakis) explained the change of decision of the management of the online store the fact that although the company has not violated the legal rules, she was forced to listen to opinion of consumers. “We understand that this phrase has some ambiguity, which is difficult to overcome,” said Fiotakis.

However, the t-shirt “ambiguous” phrase can still be bought in the Internet site of the

Earlier it was reported that the online platform Redbubble where independent artists sell clothes with my own prints, have been criticized for selling her mini-skirts in the name of Allah at a price of 25-28 pounds (about two thousand). On one of the skirts was print, “praise to Allah” and on the other — “without Allah I am nothing.” Customers of the platform protested. “Anybody seen this? Mini skirt with the name of Allah! — wrote one of them on Twitter. — It is very sad and incredibly stupid on your part”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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