Named the worst “bird’s milk”


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Expert centre of the Russian consumers Union “Roskontrol” conducted a study of cake “bird’s milk”. It has involved samples of six brands: “bird’s milk” (Rotfront), “wonderful” (“AKKOND”), “Volga birdie”, “Kommunarka”, “Charlize” and “Bird tales”.

Made in USSR mark “bird’s milk” is now owned by the “Rotfront” and other manufacturers are unable to use it, so come up with alternative names. However, they may not comply with the classic recipe. In particular, in buildings candy contains vegetable oil, which is not in the original recipe. The same applies to sweets from “Rotfront”.

Also the samples under the brand “Volga Birdie”, “Kommunarka”, “Charlize” and “Bird tales”, contrary to the classic recipe, glazed pastry, not chocolate icing. In other samples the cocoa content is too little to ensure that the icing could be called dairy.

Also in all samples, except “Bird wonderful” souffle identified milk fat. Candy “Kommunarka” was revealed a high content of TRANS-isomers. In all samples, the researchers found that is not listed on the package sulfur dioxide.

The experts also noted that all studied candy was tasteless, and the “wondrous Bird”, “Charlise” and “Bird tales” on the surface follows the fat.

The results of the study samples of the brands of “wonderful”, “perfect bird”, “Charlize” and “Bird tales” added to the list of goods with remarks, “bird’s milk” from the “Rotfront” and “Kommunarka” black list “Roskontrol”. Experts do not recommend to buy any one of the studied samples.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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