Russia decided to take advantage of a trade war and “move” China


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Russia could push China to become one of the world’s most important suppliers of rare earth metals to increase their production. This writes the Agency Bloomberg. According to him, due to the escalation of trade confrontation between the world’s main exporter of raw materials — China and the United States “special emphasis is given to, who else can supply these critical minerals.”

According to the USGS, currently, Russia accounts for less than two percent of global production of rare earth metals. However, it has the fourth largest reserves of these minerals. According to the Agency, President Vladimir Putin has led Russia to the development of domestic production of rare earth metals. The head of state believes that this issue is “critical to the country’s defense.” Assessment of Putin, the share of Russia have the world’s second largest reserves of these minerals.

Russia already has two projects related to rare earth minerals, which can run to 2023. However, while their implementation “was postponed due to delays.” The larger project is implemented by “Triark mining” jointly with the state Corporation “rostec”, which is under us sanctions.

They develop a comprehensive Tomtor rare-metal Deposit in the far East, which should provide 14 thousand tons of ferroniobium and 16 thousand tons of oxides of rare earth metals per year. These volumes will be 10 percent of the total world production. However, the field has faced some difficulties about mining. “Given the timing of the project and the dynamics in the market and in the world, it is too early to talk about whether it is possible to supply rare earth metals in the USA of Tomtor Deposit,” said a company representative.

The second project, smaller implements, CJSC “Tekhnoinvest Alliance”. It is engaged in the extraction of tantalum and niobium, and oxides of rare earth metals from Salairskogo field in the Irkutsk region. The project is planned to process about one million tonnes of ore per year.

China may 30, said he was willing to use rare earths to put pressure on the United States in the trade war. China is the main supplier of these minerals in the world and, in particular, in the United States. The statement was Beijing’s reaction to the restrictive measures of the American side.

The President of the United States in may imposed a state of emergency in the country to ensure information and communication security. Because of this, American companies were forced to abandon the use of telecommunications equipment manufactured by companies that threaten national security. Among them, the American authorities have included the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei. After the introduction of restrictions with the Chinese company refused to work Google, Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom.

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