Suspect in the murder of investigator Shishkina will be extradited to Russia


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In Russia Yaroslav Sumbaeva extradited, accused of fraud and ordering the murder of investigator Evgeniya Shishkina. On Friday, may 31, his lawyer Ivane, Norakidze told owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

According to Norakidze, a decision was taken by the Supreme court of Georgia. Earlier, after the demand from the Prosecutor General of Russia to the Prosecutor General of the Republic, the same decision was made by Tbilisi city court.

The defender called the decision “unjustified” and declared their intention to appeal promptly. “The Strasbourg court considering such case special rules for 48 hours,” he said.

The lawyer said that Russia Sumbaeva “I want to condemn the murder, not fraud.”

Evgeny Shishkin was shot in October 10, 2018 near his home in the Moscow suburb of Arkhangelsk. 7 March 2019 in Saint-Petersburg has been detained 19-year-old Abdulaziz of Abdulazizov, accused of having executed the order, and the broker — 17-year-old resident of St. Petersburg. Both are charged with. The customer according to investigators, Jaroslav Sumbaev. It is associated with the attack on the witness, who agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

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