Who lost his legs the model will take part in the marathon


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American model Lauren Wasser (Wasser Lauren), who lost both legs due to an infection, said that preparing for the NYC marathon which will be held in November. She declared it on air of TV channel Today.

To participate in the race and the gold prosthesis models were fitted with running blades.

Vasser also spoke about the assistance it provides to victims of infectious-toxic shock. Lauren’s education — along with Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, she urged the us government to pass a bill requiring manufacturers of feminine hygiene products to write the exact composition of the package. Since 1997, Congress ten times was considered and rejected this bill.

In 2012, Vasser used tampon, which was infected with staph. The bacteria caused infectious-toxic shock. Her legs are struck by gangrene. Lauren amputated the foot and thigh on the right leg and the fingers on his left. Six years later, the model has survived the amputation of the second leg.

For every hundred of thousands of American women who use tampons, there are three or four cases of infectious-toxic shock a year. In the 1980-ies it has killed 38 women. A new outbreak of the disease occurred in 2002, when toxic shock led to the deaths of eight residents of the state of California.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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