A leopard mauled a toddler in a national Park


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In South Africa areas Kruger National Park killed two-year old child. This publication reports The Mirror.

Representatives of the Park said that the son of one of the employees was mauled by a leopard. It happened Wednesday evening, June 5, in the area where the housing is located staff.

The parents immediately took the child to the hospital after an animal attack. Doctors stated the death of a boy who was two and a half years.

Leopard-killer found and shot.

CEO South African national parks Fundisile Mketeni (Fundisile Mketeni) expressed his condolences to the relatives of the deceased and promised to provide full support. “That is the danger which we are exposed every day to protect rare species of animals for the sake of all. May the soul of this child rest in peace,” he said.

Mketeni added that the Park animals frequently interact with people, which lose their fear before them. Because of this predators will sometimes attack the staff and visitors.

Earlier, on 6 June it was reported that Vietnam tiger bit off the hands of the employee of a private zoo. The man tried to redeem the animal and infuriated him.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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