Dressed wife Zelensky saw fashion blunders


www.vsyako.netElena Selskapet: @olenazelenska_official

The Ukrainian edition “Strenia” asked the expert of the fashion industry to share thoughts about the outfit of the wife of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and Elena, and they spoke about the shortcomings in her way.

Photos from Brussels, where the couple went on an official visit in early June, she poses in a loose beige pantsuit, white blouse and sneakers, and a brown bag square shape in his hands.

Stylist Ukrainian TV channels 112 and 1+1 Max Kireev found a few mistakes in the outfit and Zelensky said that the image unfinished. He explained that the pants should be “a few centimeters too short” to visually increase the height of Elena through open ankles. In addition, he did not approve of the lack of decoration on the neck and a coarse bag, which “takes away the lightness of the outfit”. “The hair light and airy, but there is a downside — it visually reduced the head of Helena. Had to play with the styling, or at least to have a section of your hair for the ear” — told the expert.

According to professional style and fashion blogger Helen is Quiet, the length of the pants and the wide cuff is heavier silhouette, but the overall image of the wife of the President corresponds to the modern trends. “The shoulder line of the jacket could be visually wider, to achieve the effect of oversize, against which the lower part of the silhouette would be easier,” advised the expert.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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