Filed with the court on BadComedian company has disclosed the terms of the reconciliation


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Kinodanz film company, filed a lawsuit against the blogger Eugene Bazhenov (BadComedian), called the condition of resolution of the dispute. This is with reference to the statement of KD Studios, RIA Novosti reported.

In a press-service Kinodanz stressed that reconciliation with BadComedian can be discussed only in a public field, where the Bazhenov “put the issue”. Video blogger, in which he talked about the lawsuit against him, regarded as pressure on the company.

“Six months after the beginning of litigation, the blogger translated their statements of economic dispute into “infringing on the freedom of speech” and “censorship”,” added in Kinodanz.

Earlier BadComedian said that the information about the desire of the film Kinodanz to enter into a settlement agreement submitted to him the claim is not true. He said that his lawyers have direct contact with the company, but so far no attempt to meet with the plaintiff, was not undertaken.

Kinodanz sued for the Bazhenov in early 2019. The film company asked him to delete the video of the movie “Beyond reality” and a million rubles in compensation. The plaintiff claimed that the Bazhenov exceeded the norms of citation pattern. BadComedian called the lawsuit Kinodanz attempt to ban him from criticism.

Producer of Eugene Melentyev allowed the opportunity to discuss a settlement agreement with the run, but did not disclose terms acceptable to Kinodanz.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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