Russian prisoners complained about thieves in the colony, and changed my mind


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oleksandr Kondratyuk / RIA Novosti

The prisoners Chelyabinsk penal colony №2 have complained of pressure from the criminals and the administration of the institution. Video message two convicts placed human rights activist Valery Prihodkin on your YouTube channel.

One of the prisoners — Alex — said that the authority, or looking, threatening him and other convicts. “I don’t want to say that I’m afraid. I’m just afraid that one time will not stand all this, and my family will have to wait even longer than the period that gave the court for committing my crime,” added Alex.

Another con — Valery — also complained of constant threats. In addition, he said that many of his friends in the colony are on the verge of suicide. “For a call on the direct line to President Putin, I was sent in ShIZO (penalty isolator — approx. “Of the”) and was injected with unknown drugs,” he said.

According to Valery, many prisoners are ready to file complaints, but they are forbidden to do so.

As writes the edition URA.RU on Thursday, June 6, Chelyabinsk colony was visited by members of the Public oversight Commission (POC) and the prosecutors. However, some time before their arrival, the prisoners decided not to write complaints. Presumably, this is due to the publication of their appeals. The Chairman of the PMC Basil Catana declined to comment.

Earlier in June, former prisoner of IK-12 in Nizhny Tagil complained to the investigators and the social worker that the prison administration left him without a paycheck after the construction of the yacht. According to a former prisoner, he and three other convicts were building the ship in agreement with the authorities of the institution.

At the end of April the prisoner colony in the Oryol region staged a Banquet in honor of Easter. It is known that the organizer of the feast was the kingpin Arsen Mkrtchyan (Arsen Erevanski). Video of the celebration appeared on the Internet a month later and led to the dismissal of the head of the institution and his Deputy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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