The man won the state and continued to work as a taxi driver


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In Nottingham, UK, a man won a million pounds in the lottery and continued to work as a taxi driver. His story interested the British newspaper Daily Star.

64-year-old Gordon Rice (Gordon Rees) went to the store to buy milk. Seeing the price of food, he wanted to leave, but changed his mind and bought two lottery tickets. The man checked out your winnings later that evening and found that he had hit the jackpot of one million pounds (82.6 million rubles). He called his daughter, as did not believe in luck.

“The next day we called the lottery from the flower shop, where at that time worked for my daughter. They had all the necessary security checks and said, “Congratulations, Mr. Rice, you are a millionaire!””, — said the Briton.

Despite his win, Gordon continued to work as a taxi driver. According to him, he liked this job and the people that surrounded him. However, he began to feel guilty for taking money for travel given his condition. The man resigned and retired.

“I’m a down to earth person who just got lucky” — he said.

The prize changed his life — the moment he broke up with his wife and was able to buy a house, a car, and spent money for treatment of children. Now he purchased a share in his favourite football club Notts County and has no plans to invest their savings in something big. He is happy that he has an active social life in the future wants to get married.

Earlier it was reported that in Canada, the cleaner broke the lottery jackpot of several million canadian dollars, however, refused to quit work. On the won money Halasan plans to ensure the future of all their children and grandchildren.

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