The mother got into the conversation of the son, and caused a wave of indignation in the network


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The lady Reddit shared a story about his mother, who for a long time, reading personal correspondence son in Facebook. According to the author of the post, she has not yet told the brother, worrying that it may spoil relations with relatives.

One day she borrowed with permission from mother’s laptop for a school project and found in the browser tab with the profile of the brother and his personal messages. According to the girl, it was not an isolated case. This brother is no longer living with them, that is, he could not use the computer and leave your data.

The lady questioned whether she should report it. “I’m not sure about the ethics of such a move. I know that this will hurt the family, will lead to drama and that the mother did not appreciate. Yes, and brother is unlikely to be happy to see her after he finds out” she explained.

The comments from the community was startled by the behavior of the mother and advised the girl to hurry to tell about the situation brother. Nick said that she would do the right thing if telling. “Your mother definitely violating his personal space, and it went far beyond the permissible limit,” said TheWho22.

Wearer ezranilla noticed that she definitely would like to know about this “peeping” from family. According to her, the brother can even avoid any conflict with the mother, if you just change the password.

Earlier the teenager from Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, said that he had received a message from his mother in which she asked him not to watch porn on her work iPad.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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