Boris Johnson has fought off accusations of lies


www.vsyako.netBoris Johnsonphoto: Henry Nicholls / Reuters

A British court dropped the charges against the former foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, reports The Sun.

Challenge Johnson in the court canceled. The politician’s lawyers called the claims nonsense and politically motivated campaign.

Johnson was accused of malfeasance. The lawsuit was filed by businessman Marcus ball. He claimed that Johnson lied when he said that Britain pays to the European Union of 350 million pounds a week. This figure was used by supporters of the Kingdom’s exit from the EU during a referendum in 2016. In the vote of the majority of Britons called for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Campaign against Johnson was conducted on public donations. Opponents of the policy argued that we are talking about the right of citizens to a private prosecution. The defense in turn argued that the prosecution of Johnson — “the territory of public life, which has never been the subject of attention of criminal law”.

Johnson is an ardent supporter of the withdrawal of Britain from the EU. It is called the main candidate for the post of Prime Minister, which is free after Theresa may announced the resignation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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