Durov offered to employees of “Yandex” go to work for him


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The Creator of Telegram and “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov, invited the specialists of “Yandex” in Telegram go to work on a new news aggregator. About this he wrote in his Telegram channel.

According to Durov, his messenger has all the qualities and technology that would create “the first in the history of the Internet effective and free” service. He cited the example of technology news Instant View, which allows you to see the news of six thousand books.

The entrepreneur proposed to introduce a unit Recommended Articles (“featured articles”) that will appear after reading each article in the Telegram. Then he can gradually be transformed into service with hourly selection and global search, all the news of the world. In parallel, the Durov has promised to deal with the recommendation of the relevant videos.

He invited new employees and stressed that the remuneration in Telegram incomparably above, than at “Yandex” or Google.

The businessman explained that the proposal that the FSB demanded that “Yandex” encryption keys services “Yandex.Disc” and “Yandex.Mail.” He called it “a continuation of the trend of the pressure on business of Russian IT companies” and compared them with the “cases of Riposto” in “Vkontakte””. Thus, according to the businessman, the Russian authorities themselves squeezed users of foreign resources, and give them data under the control of the United States.

Earlier it became known that “Yandex” has refused to transfer the FSB encryption keys. The company said it was willing to cooperate with the FSB, without violating the rights of users. The government, in turn, promised that “Yandex” will not become a victim of administrative pressure.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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