In the US air force appeared first bearded pilot wearing a turban


www.vsyako.netSingh Bagatto: American Civil Liberties Union

Military-air forces of the USA for the first time allowed the American Sikh descent to wear a beard and traditional turban on the service, according to Air Force News.

Pilot by the name of Hurricanger Singh Bajwa (Harpreetinder Singh Bajwa) was born in the United States of immigrant parents. When he began his military service in 2017, he was not allowed to observe his ethno-religious group rules the appearance. Now he can look as it sees fit, even when as piloting military aircraft.

“I’m happy that the air force allowed me to follow my religious beliefs. I feel that my country is taking my Sikh origin, and will be forever grateful for this opportunity”, — quotes the edition of his words.

In 2018, the air force also not allowed to shave his beard pilots of the Muslim faith. Its length, however, limited by two inches (about five centimeters).

The US army in 2017 and allowed the military Muslims to wear turbans and Muslim women to wear headscarves on duty.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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