Man accidentally hacked locked up 40 years ago safe


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A visitor to the canadian Museum Vermilion Heritage Museum on the first attempt cracked the safe, which was locked up 40 years ago. It is reported by CNN.

Dozens of years the Museum could not open the safe. They invited Kuznetsov, the manufacturer, contacted former employees and invited visitors to “play” with combinations of numbers. However, their efforts did not bring the desired result.

Last month one of the tourists, Stephen mills (Stephen Mills) from Alberta, he tried his luck the first time and chose the safe needs a code. The man was in the Museum with his wife, two daughters and father-in-law, taking in all the sights during a family trip.

“In fact, that day the Museum was not working, but we met one of the volunteers, Tom Kibblewhite (Tom Kibblewhite). He let us inside and had a small tour,” says mills. In addition to the main expositions of Kibblewhite showed the family basement, where he kept old relics. There Mills and offered to crack the safe.

Canadian recalls that saw a number from 0 to 60 and like I heard in my head the combination 20-40-60. Mills listened to the inner voice and entered the code. To the surprise of all present, the safe door opened. The children were delighted and began to repeat: “We have cracked the code! We cracked the code!”.

Initially a locked safe belonged to the hotel, but after closing it, an unusual thing decided to transfer to the Museum. “It was kind of a time capsule. No one knew what was stored inside,” says lucky traveler. As it turned out, in the box there were paper, old receipts, a notebook and a receipt from the hotel. Documents dated 1977-1978 years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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