Named the real price of housing in Moscow and St. Petersburg


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The average cost of housing construction in Russia increased by nine percent over the past three years, up to 45 thousand rubles per square meter. This is stated by the Federal company “Talan”, arrived in edition “”.

According to analysts, in Moscow, the construction of the average of the “square” in 2019 costs developers to 86.5 thousand roubles, in St.-Petersburg this figure almost 10 thousand rubles below — 77,8 thousand rubles per square meter. In Moscow region the cost per square meter is equal to 65,2 thousand roubles.

According to analysts, the three listed locations are the most expensive from the point of view of costs for the construction of housing. “This is due to the high cost of connecting to utilities, as well as a significant number of projects involving underground construction, experts explain. — Furthermore, it is in these regions erected a substantial volume of high-end housing, which requires the use of more qualitative and expensive materials and equipment. The cost of labor in these locations is much higher than in other regions.”

High construction costs that exceed the average value by 20-40 percent, also recorded in Northern and far Eastern regions. “Here increases the impact of the use of special construction technologies”, — stated in the materials.

The cheapest construction, according to estimates of “Talan” in Irkutsk and Bryansk regions (about 33 thousand rubles per square meter), in the Krasnoyarsk region (33.4 thousand), as well as Kurgan and Ulyanovsk regions (34 thousand and 34.7 thousand rubles for “square”, respectively).

Last may, the Russians warned about the imminent rise in price of housing: according to the forecasts of real estate market, a sharp rise of prices in new buildings will be triggered by the transition to project financing of the construction, scheduled for summer 2019.

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